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And much more! This service is incredible for creating the type of love you want to have with yourself, in your love life, and within your overall life! This Session Focuses on:. Depending on what is needed the most and what your goals are, we'll determine what we focus on in each session:.

Creating awareness and learning from your past experiences related to love to be able to move beyond them.

Rodney Larson

Learning to trust the process of achieving your goals related to love. Breaking free from your old patterns in love. Breaking through any glass ceilings that may be preventing you from accomplishing your goals in love. Co-creating strategies to succeed with goals. As we deepen our capacity for self-love it supports us expanding our ability to bring more love into our lives. Brings inner peace, balance, and harmony within you. At the end of the session, what was cleared, healed, and revitalized related to your goals with love will be discussed.

Supporting the process of deep healing for old emotional wounds surrounding love. Relationship to Self:. Building and maintaining high levels of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. Feel safe being seen and heard; getting to be your authentic self. Build a healthier and positive relationship with your thoughts, feelings, and inner self-talk. Bringing more self-trust, self-love, self-acceptance into your life. Creating a strong foundation within yourself with positive, supporting, and resilient beliefs, emotions, and habits. Figuring out how to better balance work, personal life, and romance.

Defining and refining your goals with what type of relationship you want to have now and moving forward marriage, kids, or companionship etc. Using a relationship expert to help you create your online dating profile.

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Cultivating your social skills, communication style, and being playful on a date; putting your best foot forward. Staying open, flexible, positive, and receptive in the dating process to enter an exclusive relationship. Building your self-esteem, cultivating your strengths, and leading from a place of romance when dating vs.

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The Quiet Ego Scale: Measuring the Compassionate Self-Identity

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    Washington Park. West View. Wick Field. Yankee Hill. Show 19 More Show Less. Show 25 More Show Less. I bring a calming, honest presence and often develop trust and rapport quickly, allowing me to align with my clients in a way that honors their strengths, respects their personal wisdom and empowers an honest, raw exploration of their reality. Self Esteem. View Email. Jamal R. Verified by Psychology Today. Your child is trying to learn how to navigate relationships at school and home while figuring out who they are and their place in the world.

    When dealing with stress and difficult situations, your child can feel alone, as though no one understands them or can relate to what they are going through.

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    Because of their age, your child may not have the vocabulary to express the complex thoughts and feelings they are experiencing. However, the truth may be that they do not know what kind of help they need or how to ask for it. Ann Lawrence Psychologist , PhD. Office is near:. Recovery is a long and arduous journey and I am invested in walking with my clients through the deepest darkness as well as the brightest days.

    I am a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, thus providing recovery-focused psychotherapy to individuals battling an eating disorder is my primary specialty. I am invested in long-term therapy that hinges on the relationship that develops over time. The ideal client for me is someone who is motivated to move forward and improve upon his or her quality of life, and who has a willingness to try new things, even when they are frightening.

    My therapeutic focus is a multicultural connection between an artistic and therapeutic approach to a self-integrative healing according to the participant's needs. I'm experienced working with a wide range of diverse populations, ages, and mental health issues. Do you feel depressed, anxious, lost, or stuck? Do you struggle with self-esteem or relationship challenges? With support and compassion I facilitate self-awareness, transformation and a greater sense of well being.

    I provide tools to work through trauma and grief, diminish negative patterns. With over 27 years experience, my approach is holistic. I honor diversity and complexity, I work best with those interested in exploring their inner resources, gaining insight into themselves, and releasing blocks to progress. Talk therapy is offered in a brand new, modern space that offers massage therapy, nutrition services, and a studio for yoga and exercise as well as a mindfulness program.