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Then, offer others the same courtesy. This advice is for rules 3 and 6. Often, you just need to let things sit. Life may seem difficult right now, but by following rule one and not dwelling on the past , you can move forward to generate new happiness. Acknowledge your suffering, yet don't let it take over. When you don't know the right answer or the right thing to do, you can pay attention to what makes you feel better and to what makes you feel worse. This may seem a bit contrary, but you don't have to force yourself to be happy all the time.

Absolutely allow yourself to feel your emotions as they are.

The Rules of Life Pool from Masters Traditional Games

Happiness is not about burying your feelings. It's about acknowledging them and giving them their appropriate place. Find a balance by not dwelling on problems. Instead, look at them objectively to take away their power and find a step towards happiness. When you can do these things, you will find your tension and worries melting away. If you're having trouble letting go or need to talk to someone, consider a professional therapist to help you find where you are getting stuck. This site requires anonymous cookies and third party services to function properly.

JoAnna delivers key strategies for taking a team or business through change, transitions and new beginnings and how to create an incredibly diverse and inclusive culture in the process. This presentation will help your audience: To find new solutions to old problems Transform fear into courage See how transitions are a life thing, not a gender thing Understand the difference between a life journey and a life expedition Break free of their learned life and live more authentically Develop effective life development strategies for real world tough situations Learn the power of words and emotions and what they mean to your success Know why being proactive in change is better than the waiting for change Understand how lack of trust reduces opportunity in your life, career and business.

Can we talk about One response to this, as stated above, is to hate your god or the universe for these outcomes. Stretched to its extreme, this becomes hatred of existence, and the desire to destroy existence itself. When practiced, this leads to genocide and mass murders. Clearly this is evil, causing suffering in the name of suffering, and not the right response. Another response, which only partially mitigates the suffering, is to acknowledge that limitation is critical to making existence meaningful.

When Superman was created as a comic book character, he had infinite powers and could overcome any situation. This became boring. Rating: 5. Rule 1: Fix your posture. Others will treat you with more respect. There is a part of your brain that is constantly monitoring signals to figure out your position in society. How you see others, and how others treat you, affect how you view yourself. If others kowtow to you, you elevate your own impression of status. If others denigrate you, you lower your internal status. If you slouch, you convey defeat and low status to others; they will then treat you poorly, which will reinforce your status.

This can be reinforced in serotonin signaling, related to depression Fix your posture to get others to treat you better, which will make you feel better and stand tall, thus kicking off a virtuous cycle. Rule 2: Take care of yourself, the way you would take care of someone else. Many people are better at filling prescriptions for their dogs than themselves.

Similarly, you may self-sabotage yourself daily - by not taking care of your health, not keeping promises you make to yourself. Instead, you have to believe that you have a vital mission in this world, and you are obliged to take care of yourself.

1-Page Book Summary of 12 Rules for Life

Surround yourself with people who support you and genuinely want to see you succeed. But modern society is so complex that everyone has different goals - which makes comparing to other people pointless. Drill deeply into your discontent and understand what you want, and why.

12 Rules for Life (Animated) - Jordan Peterson

Define your goals. Transform your goals into something achievable today. Let every day end a little better than it started. Rule 5: As a parent, train your children to follow the rules of society. Children test boundaries of behavior to learn the rules of the world. As a parent, your purpose is to serve as a proxy for society. They will be poorly adjusted and rejected by society, which will severely hamper their happiness.

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Set the rules, but not too many. Use the minimum necessary force to enforce the rules. But before you do this, question - have you taken full advantage of every opportunity available to you? Or are you just sitting on your ass, pointing fingers? Are you doing anything you know is wrong? Stop it today. Stop saying things that make you feel ashamed and cowardly. Start saying things that make you feel strong. Do only those things about which you would speak with honor.

Rule 7: Do what is meaningful to you, and you will feel better about existing. Doing good preventing evil from happening, alleviating unnecessary suffering provides your life with meaning.

ReThinking Life’s Rules - Joanna Ferrari

Meaning defeats existential angst; it gratifies your short-term impulses to achieve long-term goals; it makes your life worth living. Think - how can I make the world a little bit better today? Pay attention. Fix what you can fix. Think more deeply - what is your true nature? What must you become, knowing who you are? Work toward this. Rule 8: Act only in ways in line with your personal truth. Stop lying. You may lie to others to get what you want; you may lie to yourself to feel better. You must develop your personal truth, and then act only in ways that are consistent with your personal truth.

Once you develop your truth, you have a destination to travel toward. This reduces anxiety - having either everything or nothing available are far worse. Act only in ways that your internal voice does not object to. Like a drop of sewage in a lake of champagne, a lie spoils all the truth it touches. They need to verbalize their memories and emotions to clearly formulate the problem, then solve it.

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  • As a listener, you are helping the other person think. Sometimes you need to say nothing; other times, you serve as the voice of common reason. This forces you to genuinely understand what is being said; it distills the moral of the story, perhaps clarifying more than the speaker herself; and you avoid strawman arguments while constructing steelman arguments. Assume that your conversation partner has reached careful, thoughtful conclusions based on her own valid experiences.

    Rule Define your problem specifically. It becomes easier to deal with. Anxiety usually comes from the unknown. Specificity turns chaos into a thing you can deal with. Want to learn the rest of 12 Rules for Life in 21 minutes? Interactive exercises: apply the book's ideas to your own life with our educators' guidance. Those higher in ability command greater resources: Higher position in social hierarchy More advantageous home locations More reproductive interest from higher-quality mates More cooperation with peers and subordinates Because social status is so important in life outcomes, you try to figure out where on the social hierarchy you are, you signal that position to other people, and you jockey for a higher position.

    Even crawfish do this. Two stranger lobsters, placed in the same tank, will within 30 minutes determine the dominant and the subordinate lobster. Their subsequent behaviors match their position - one strutting, claws in the air; Why do we hate ourselves? He uses the Biblical story of Adam and Eve as the origination of seeing good and evil, and how this original sin carries into us today. After their fall from heaven, they are naked, ugly, ashamed, resentful - why would anyone care for a descendant of Adam and Eve?

    Also, we know that humans have great capacity for evil, as evidenced by historical atrocities. This increases loathing for mankind and self. Peterson gives three reasons you might still be with these people. But consider the other insidious, malevolent factors that could be at play: Why you stay with this person You have a savior complex - the idea of rescuing another person boosts your ego and makes you feel virtuous.