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Show More Show Less. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Her by Pierre Jeanty , Paperback 7. The Institute by Stephen King Hardcover, 3. The Silmarillion 30th Anniversary by J. You may also like. Rick Riordan Books for Children. Paperback Cookbook. James is actually known as "The Wanderer" and finds the concept slightly less silly than most vampires as a result.

Sarcastic Devotee : Sally to Bill. Shout-Out : Numerous. Bill, Tom and Ed are gigantic nerds. Most prominently, Optimus Prime figures into Jeff's demise. Sliding Scale of Vampire Friendliness : Played with as it turns out vampires can actually drink animal blood but aside from during an emergency, no one actually bothers and they're all murderers.

Since it turns out it's possible to turn animals into vampires as well though they don't last long , this is probably a good thing. Silver Bullet : Silver and vampire blood do not mix. It interferes with vampiric healing abilities.

The Tome of Bill Series Books 1-4

Skewed Priorities : When Tom is brainwashed in Holier Than Thou , is it a threat to his girlfriend that snaps him out of it? A threat to his best friend since grade school? It's a threat to his action figure collection that does the trick. Smug Snake : Another trait vampires tend to cultivate. Harry Decker, who's a wizard, believes himself to be wise and powerful but his attacks against Bill are phenomenally stupid.

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Colin serves as this throughout the series, in part because he's just a mid-level manager for the First. More dangerous is Francois who is an ex-Nazi sympathizing Frenchman who ascends to the First and then promptly betrays them. Turd the leader of the Alma is completely confident in his power to beat up the heroes despite constantly getting his ass kicked. Stronger with Age : Vampires become more powerful the older they get. Super Senses : Vampires have stronger senses than humans, and it gets stronger with age. Superpowered Evil Side : Doctor Death proves to be this for Bill and repeatedly saves his life throughout the series.

It also takes him over a few times. Sally disabuses her of this notion quickly. Unfazed Everyman : Ed to a certain extent.

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Though he does react to the big things, he takes most everything else - including discovering that Bill is a vampire - in stride. Between Turd and Muff, it's hard to doubt Gualtieri is doing this on purpose. Yandere: Gan. Bill of the Dead. Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder : Christy starts to wonder what she ever saw in Tom when he comes back from the dead. Back from the Dead : Tom has been a ghost the entire time and eventually ends up possessing Sheila's body.

Character Development : Bill is not nearly as much of a homophobic sexist Jerkass as he used to be. He acknowledges this about himself. He's still an asshole mind you but more of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Gender Bender : Tom has been turned into a woman by possessing Sheila. Go Mad from the Isolation : Bill and Christy assume this happened to Tom but he was always like this. Happy Ending Override : Sheila and Bill broke up soon after the events of the original book.

Then Sheila decided to release magic back in the world, which results in even more problems than there were originally happening.

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She also dies in the attempt. Has a Type : It seems that Christy is attracted to grossly immature nerdy men. Subverted by the discovery that she's just trying to make things right. Little Miss Badass : Tina is this once she discovers how to throw fireballs. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Dave brings back vampirism to the world via using their blood in his hand cream. Promoted to Parent : Bill has been serving as this to Tina. Relationship Upgrade : Surprisingly, Bill and Christy have been together for over a year at the beginning of the novel with the former serving as Tina's surrogate father.

False Icons. Amazon Brigade : The Dryads are this, all being beautiful warrior women.

The Tome of Bill (Literature) - TV Tropes

And Now For Something Completely Different : This is the story of Jesse Flores, who is a teenage girl who works at a comic book store that people believe is another Icon. Except she's not. The Unchosen One : Jesse discovers she's a failed attempt to create a fake Icon. She reacts poorly.

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She does, however, get the Blessing of Uranus, though. When priests are caught red-handed in the act with nuns, the church leadership in Malawi is always mute. By the way, when will the local church issue a pastoral letter condemning sexual abuses committed by its horny priests instead of wasting time marching against abortion law reforms? As the local church plays the game of hypocrisy, there is new solace. Pope Francis honesty! His admission of the sexual abuse in the church is a great landmark.

Bill Maher's A Lazy, Condescending, Ignorant, Holier-Than-Thou Dumbass

According to Pope Francis, some lascivious bishops and priests have over the years been raping children and nuns; and to make matters worse they have been forcing the raped nuns and girls to go for bac-street abortions. As if that is not enough, the Pope revealed that some nuns are actually held as sex slaves.

For starters, the pope made the startling revelation during a four-day summit he convened at Vatican to address the problem of sexual abuses committed by the errant cardinals, bishops and priests. Yet we need to be clear, that while gravely affecting our societies as a whole, this evil is in no way less monstrous when it takes place within the Church," said the Pope. He added: "The brutality of this worldwide phenomenon becomes all the more grave and scandalous in the Church, for it is utterly incompatible with her moral authority and ethical credibility.

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Consecrated persons, chosen by God to guide souls to salvation, let themselves be dominated by their human frailty or sickness and thus become tools of Satan. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. During the summit, Cardinal Reinhard Marx revealed that the church deliberately hid the extent of its global sex abuse crisis by among others destroying documents and failing to compile records that could be used to prosecute the so-called holy sexual predators.

With such scandals haunting the church leadership, do the local bishops and priests have a moral ground to be holding protests against government's desire to provide access to safe abortions to its citizenry? Should the clerics - some of whom rape nuns, sodomise boys and defile girls and then force them to have abortions - be at the forefront of blocking abortion law reform process in Malawi?

In my view, government should proceed with the enactment of the proposed abortion bill for the benefit of all women and girls who desperately need such services including those raped by the holier-than-thou 'tools of Satan'. Noise from the clergy on abortion law reform is hypocrisy. Once again, I like Pope Francis. And his honesty too! Read the original article on CSJNews.