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Deke Brolin - Rhol: Volume 1

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  3. Deke Brolin Rhol.
  4. Porup Author Death on the Zambezi Christopher Burns Author Death Planet Tourist K. Walker Author Ron Hubbard Author Deke is a seventeen year old boy struggling with his life. When he happens across the Sacred Amulet of Rhol he suddenly finds himself in a strange world and soon learns that he is at the forefront of a quest to save the Balance. On Rhol, unlike Earth, Deke can see his outer soul or Paladin and soon discovers that everyone was created with two souls that act independently of each other, yet are one.

    Neither can survive without the other.

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    Through the teachings of his Paladin Deodatus, Deke learns that he can manipulate the powers within the Amulet in his quest to save the Balance of Five. These powers can come at a cost however, drawing him into dark places that he will find harder to come back from the more he uses the amulet. As Deke discovers each new world throughout the series he begins to learn that he holds mysterious powers within himself. With the help of his Paladin Deodatus, he will have to learn to master these gifts if he is to save the Balance of Five.

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