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It included a 21 km trail run, a standard triathlon, a 70 km MTB race and a m swim, among other events.

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Frikkie Bouwer and the team from Northridge executed the branding. When he is not at the office Raymond enjoys photography and fishing and will never let the opportunity pass to play paintball.

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Terence joined Sportsmans Warehouse in November and has been appointed as the new branch manager for our Somerset West store. Janice joined our accounts department in September and works as an accounts clerk under the guidance of Gillian Mulder. Janice is an animal lover and in her spare time she does volunteer work at the Animal Anti-cruelty League.

Moresport employees are spreading Christmas cheer by putting their hearts into The Santa Shoebox Project, an inspiring community initiative that co-ordinates the donation, collection and distribution of personalized gifts at Christmas time to underprivileged children across South Africa.

16 key quotes from Mark Boucher's book - Cricketcom

Fans had the chance to have their photos taken with Bokkie and get his autograph. Our Canal Walk staff certainly enjoyed his visit. Well done, guys! On being told he wasn't good enough by a senior team-mate: "'I don't know how you got into this side,' he started, 'but Nic Pothas is a far better cricketer than you.

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On the records he broke: "I was paid to catch the ball, finish run outs and make stumpings. If you do your job well, and for long enough, you will break records.

Thru My Eyes (2016 Remastered)

If you chase them, you are missing the point entirely. On the best batsman in the world: "Lara was the best batsman I ever saw. When he was at the crease there was always a danger of the game getting away from us — even if he was with the number On Kallis' reputation and avoiding the spotlight: "If he had Shane Warne's personality, perhaps, then people wouldn't even debate who was the best all-rounder in cricket history. But, then, he wouldn't be Jacques Kallis. He emigrated and changed loyalties for professional reasons, and he's done brilliantly.

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He made some comments about South African cricket as a young man, which he regrets, but he's grown up. He is South African and always will be. On former Proteas coach Mickey Arthur: "His technical knowledge may not have been the greatest, but he more than made up for that with his man-management skills, which were outstanding.

BOUCH - Through my Eyes

And he was never afraid to tackle his shortcomings. What a sight. What a feeling. Three years earlier they had booed and jeered him. His alleged involvement in a clique: Boucher was allegedly one of senior players who often overruled coach Mickey Arthur. Chokers inc: Very few people can give an insight on the psyche of the players after numerous on-field "choking" moments. Why did we fail every so often when it was easier to get over the line?

Indulgence: Was the tour of the West Indies the only time the team was exposed to dagga?

Boucher, Mark – Bouch: Through My Eyes

Was he offered any? Did he think it was wrong to smoke it?

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Girls, girls, girls: Bouch's former teammate Herschelle Gibbs wrote in his autobiography, To The Point, that women were always available to the players.